Whether you face an imminent threat to your organization’s livelihood or seek dynamic insights to chart your strategy for the future, we provide an alternative form of analysis for disruptive times. When the risks and opportunities are limitless, our nimble and bespoke approach is designed to foster creative solutions in the face of urgency and uncertainty. Backed by a network of creative thought leaders, operating with a balance of imagination and critical problem-solving, our mission is to jumpstart your path towards innovation and transform your uncertainty into a competitive advantage.


We are CEOs, futurists, producers, technologists, political leaders, filmmakers, PHDs, designers, retired generals, academics, subject matter experts, and more… We are a collective of disruptive gurus. For over 15 years our team has provided solutions to our government’s national security, military affairs, and emerging technology institutions. These organizations, faced with the world’s most existential challenges, turn to us to discover a path to innovation via DEEP APPLIED CREATIVITY™ What was once an exclusive offering to the U.S. government, we now deploy to qualified clientele across the commercial sector. This realignment of elite entertainment, national security and emerging technology experts delivers an unconventional approach to solving your most critical challenges.


Operating with agility and immediacy to deliver results on a TIME budget.


Harnessing elite CREATIVE minds as the pivotal ingredient in fostering innovation.


Convening a CUSTOMIZED mix of creative leaders befitting your unique challenges.


An IMMERSIVE environment is crucial to fostering divergent, unencumbered perspective.


Deep Applied Creativity™ is designed to help you see through the volatility, complexity and ambiguity of the modern world. Through the immersive alignment of your team-members with our creative network, new perspectives to intractable challenges will be revealed. Our approach synthesizes the dynamics of creative development with asymmetric data to help your organization break-through current challenges and find clarity for the path forward.


In an age where both the present and future offer unpredictable challenges, your ability to navigate this competitive arena is where your future will be won or lost. When internal R&D, and data-reliant analysis fall short, it’s time to consider a more creative, holistic approach. Our immersive DISCOVERY experiences align a bespoke mix of creative thought leaders who are trained to work within time sensitive environments with finite deadlines. In this explorative process, where diverse training, education, and experiences come together, true innovation is born. New focal points will emerge, unexpected solutions will be revealed, and you will be empowered by a competitive advantage to lead in the known unknown.


While discovery generates a map for your future; the ability to effectively communicate and socialize this change, of course, is the pivotal point in which innovation will thrive or falter. Your ability to DISPLAY the viability of a solution and influence the hearts and minds of stakeholders and consumers to embrace new possibilities requires savvy, creative storytelling. Our process aligns award-winning creatives with intuitive engagement algorithms and analysis to deliver the optimal social conditions to embrace the disruptive forces of innovation.


Delivery is where discovery becomes reality. Afer we’ve helped you discover a better vision of your future, displayed and socialized this vision to key stakeholders, it’s time manifest these insights in to custom technologies, immersive training, and measurable outputs. We have delivered dozens of groundbreaking solutions that have answered the unique needs of our customers including training tools that established new skills and concepts; and decision-making tools that improved and accelerated crisis action processes. All of these outputs are measured and optimized via key performance indicator (KPI) analytics so you can deliver on your most crucial metrics.


+ Engagements

+ Subject Matter Experts

+ Lives Impacted


Why Outsource To RL Leaders?

In a bid to promote internal stability and harmony, organizations tend to convene like-minded personnel with analogous perspectives that align with company ‘culture’. The goal of building a cohesive culture, however, can handicap the type of divergent thinking needed to predict, reframe, and solve intractable challenges. We infuse creative disruption to the status quo where and when you need it the most.

How will RL Leaders Approach Challenges?

All organizations possess certain blindspots to factors beyond their area of expertise, which is why we convene thought leaders who possess unique experiences, education, and disparate perspectives to help you see the entire gamut of possible solutions.

What sets RL Leaders apart from other consultant agencies?

The majority of analysts deployed by the leading consulting institutions embody a homogenized body of education and limited industry experience. When these teams are then paired with a formulaic model of assessment and analysis, deployed over and again for months at a time regardless of industry or problem set, the potential for unique and groundbreaking insights is severely limited.

What can we expect from RL Leaders discovery?

The key differentiator is the immersive nature in which we integrate our elite creatives with your core team in a collaborative setting designed to foster fresh insights. Rather than blindly commissioning a team to work in isolation from your organization, this experiential approach manifests innumerable insights and advantages when dealing with the problem hands-on in a creative atmosphere and a time-budget demanding of immediate impact.



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